The Robotic Systems Enterprise has had many members graduate from the enterprise. We have collected the names of past members, beginning with last year, that have graduated from our enterprise. We wish our Alumni the best as they work in industry.
Below you will find our list of alumni. Each include their name and project(s) they were working on during their last year in the enterprise.

First Last Project
Samuel Slade ArcelorMittal/Buoy/Website/Scoreboard
Charles Rysenga ArcelorMittal/Scoreboard
Kealy Smith ArcelorMittal/Sweeper Robot/Submersible
John Ware Buoy
Saurabh Bhatia Buoy
Tim Foster Buoy
Ben Schmitt Exoskeleton
Mandar Phadnis Exoskeleton
Nithin Rao Exoskeleton
Evan Letourneau Exoskeleton/Ice Resurfacer
Noah Rau Exoskeleton/Ice Resurfacer
Erienne Claxton Submersible
Shashank Lakshmikanth Submersible
Mansour Alshammari Zamboni