ArcelorMittal- Transition Line Project

Project Lead: Kealy Smith
Mechanical Team:

Electrical Team:

Software Team:

To build a vision based solution to solve a quality issue in the ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor facility. Approximately every 8 hours the molten steel vats are changed over to another vat. This causes a transition line to appear in the steel slab as it goes through the continuous casting process that ArcelorMittal employs when creating sheet steel.
The Robotic Systems Enterprise was tasked with continuously searching for transition lines and when found, we must signal their process controller (Allen Bradley PLC) that the transition line has been detected. This will then tell a robotic slab cutting device where the transition line is so it can be removed from the line. Currently, the system we have designed has been tested and confirmed as a feasible solution to the problem. We are tentatively planning on installing early 2015 in the Burns Harbor facility.



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