Buoy Power Management

Project Lead: Tim Foster


To take the old power system of the Great Lakes Research Center’s buoys and design a power management system to regulate each buoy’s power usage so that they collect more data when they are out on the lakes.


The Great Lakes Research Center has four buoys which are deployed to gather information on the conditions of the great lakes. These buoys often run out of energy before the data is fully collected for a season. The GLRC requested that the enterprise solve the issue of improper power management in the buoys. A buck-boost converter was decided as the best course of action. A buck-boost converter takes DC converts it to AC, steps the signal either up or down, then rectifies           back to DC. The buoys had to be opened up to identify the wires and the many connections. Currently, a buck-boost converter board is being designed and developed using Eagle, with testing and troubleshooting to follow. Project must be finalized and installed by the end of the school year in time for the buoys to begin their new season.



Simulation Project