Buoy Project Fall 2015

Project Leader:

Project Engineers:

Background and Purpose
The purpose of this project is to extend the operational time of a buoy that is measuring various weather parameters such as water currents and temperatures. Our job is to assess the electrical system, as well as, test and debug the power system. The data collected from these buoys is used by local citizens, fishing communities, and offshore wind assessment teams. These groups can use this data for improved weather predictions, safe navigation of ships, and commercial decisions.


Project Objectives

The Robotic Systems Enterprise GLRC Buoy Team’s main objectives for the semester will be to identify and debug any problems in the power management system. Our first objective will be to verify all preexisting documentation and update any changes we see fit. Once all of our documents are accurate and up-to-date, we will begin to research a preexisting electrical board to implement a program within the buoy which allows a user to execute commands through remote access. Further on, we plan to test the power management system and use our results to decide if any changes need to be made to the system in order to obtain our goal. As we go about the debugging process, we will document and fix any bugs that are found, as well as, test the new system changes.


Our first plan is to meet with Dr. Guy Meadows who is the director of the Great Lakes Research Center. We will meet with him in order to fully understand the project and see what the GLRC expects from the team. After we meet with Dr. Meadows, we will analyze the buoy and decide how to actually test the power system so that we know how to approach the project from there. The team will then compare our preexisting documents to the power system and make any changes that we think are necessary. As soon as the buoy is fully ready to go, we will begin testing and debug any problems that are found, as well as, document all of these problems.

Below are the specific goals for this semester: