GLRC Buoy Spring 2016

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Software Project Engineers:

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Background and Purpose

One of the primary ways that the Great Lakes Research Center gathers data is with the weather buoys that are deployed throughout the Great Lakes. These buoys have had two problems: a software bug with the system that prevents data from being gathered and the system not lasting as long as desired due to sunlight becoming less available as the weather changes.


Project Objectives

The Robotic Systems Enterprise GLRC Buoy Team’s main objectives for this semester are to implement a solid state relay board solution researched last semester to turn on and off combinations of the environmental data collecting sensors on the buoy to preserve power. Another objective is to develop a soft reset program to allow the system to reconnect to the modem when the buoy is failing to upload code, instead of physically turning off the buoy as a hard reset. The implementation of the solid state relay board and soft reset code will allow the GLRC Team to change which sensors are active without having to take the buoy offline for several days or having to take the time and equipment to travel out to the buoys to fix them in hazardous conditions. By changing which sensors are active at different times (instead of having all of the sensors running 24/7), the system can preserve as much of its power as possible, which allows the buoys to be out on the water for a longer period of time to collect data.