Clearpath Fall 2016

Project Leader:

Project Engineers:

Background and Purpose:


The ECE department has funded a project to use Clearpath Robotics’ Husky and Jackal robots for research and development. Dr. Bos has begun research into using ROS for simulation and control of these robots for the use of studying larger scale robotics in campus life.


Project Objectives:


The project is being used to further the development of autonomous robotics on campus. These robots can help user in full-time autonomous robots constantly collecting data for use of research. This can range from creating a 3D-map of campus, to having a robot meet an injured student in need of carrying books across campus.

Clearpath Husky




Purchasing of dedicated Ubuntu laptops for team development


Installation of ROS, Gazebo, and Rvis for simulation


Establishing a repository for python code


Creating, testing, and revision of first simulation


Testing simulation on physical robot