Clearpath spring 2017

Project Leader:

Project Engineers:

Background and Purpose:


The Clearpath Project is based around autonomous data collection using the Clearpath Husky and Jackal. The main purpose of this data collection is to be used in the development of autonomous vehicle behavior in hazardous weather conditions, specifically snow.

Currently, the team faces is sensor integration of one Clearpath Husky. One Husky was purchased fully-equipped with sensors such as a LIDAR, high-precision GPS, WiFi router, etc. The team has been tasked with taking a Husky base that has no sensors implemented and equipping sensors to outperform the original.


Project Objectives:


Research sensors for integration into the Husky base: 3D LIDAR, high-precision GPS, PC motherboard, vision system, WiFi router, and potentially a thermal camera. Taking these sensors, integrate each sensor into ROS and create a compute platform for autonomous data collection.
Clearpath Husky