Exoskeleton Fall 2015

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This project started out as a senior design project four or so years ago, and then picked back up two semesters ago. The senior design project set an initial goal for the exoskeleton project, which was a protective suit of armor that can be worn by the user. The intent of the project changed with the reactivation of the exoskeleton. The new intent of the exoskeleton project is to create a medical device that will aid in the bending and extension of the joints for people who may need the extra assistance to perform such acts due to a variety of medical circumstances. This exoskeleton is not to replace arms or legs that have been lost like prosthetics, but aid in the bending and extension of the joints. People may need help in bending their joints for rehabilitation, arthritis, or other disabilities/diseases that may impair the movements of the ligaments. The first semester, Fall of 2014, there was a main focus to get a firm grasp of a generic exoskeleton performance and structure. Research was completed on how the joints worked, how to attach the exoskeleton to the user, and the general operation of the components that will be used. Last semester, Spring 2015,the exoskeleton team created and finished a 3D model of the prototyped knee joint of the exoskeleton leg. During the Fall semester of 2015, the previous concept will be verified, reworked, and finally prototyped.


Objectives:Exoskeleton Knee Joint

To make sure that the knee of the exoskeleton continues to develop, the following is a list of objectives for Fall 2015 semester.






Throughout the semester there are four main milestones for the exoskeleton project. The first major milestone is when the project reaches the prototyping stage during week 8, which continues through until week 12 of the semester. The next major milestones are finalizing of the prototype, which should be completed by week 14. Also by week 14, the final project binder and the remaining end of semester deliverables will be completed.