Project Lead: Kealy Smith

To research and develop a basic understanding of the mechanical workings of exoskeleton designs.
The Exoskeleton project’s goal as of now is to develop a broad understanding of what goes into creating an exoskeleton designed for a person. Those topics would include, how the joints will work, how will the skeleton be fitted to the person, and how will it function such that it mimics muscle movements like flexing your bicep. The exoskeleton project’s final goal is to develop an exoskeleton that would aid in rehabilitation of patients that have undergone surgery or have had an accident and need assisted rehabilitation to help train or strengthen their muscles. Currently, we are researching mechanical components needed as well as, a basic cad model of the exoskeleton. The next phase of the project is to start developing the chassis of the exoskeleton so we can mount the electronics and pneumatics to it.