GLRC Buoy Fall 2016

Project Leader:

Project Engineers:

Background and Purpose:


The GLRC, in partnership with the Great Lakes Nearshore Buoy network, is monitoring the Great Lakes with a series of weather buoys. The data from the buoys give users a glimpse of current lake conditions by reporting meteorological and oceanographic conditions, including physical data (e.g. wind speed, wave height, and water temperature), as well as, selected biochemical data.
Project Objectives:


As the available sunlight dwindles due to the changing of the seasons, the buoys gradually collect less and less solar energy. This decline in sunlight has the effect of causing the buoys to run out of power overnight, creating gaps in the data gathered and total loss of data collecting capabilities when total power is lost for the buoy.
One of the buoys used by the GLRC




Implementing the sensor control scheme in the new baseline code adopted by the GLRC for their buoys


Building two more systems for the buoy


Implementing the ability to change the sensors without needing to recompile


Adding power monitoring functionality to the system and reporting with all three systems


If time permits, design or find an algorithm to make autonomous decision based on the power budget of the buoy based on data from an adjustable amount of time and get power usage of each of the sensors.