Outreach Fall 2016

Project Leader:

Project Engineers:

Background and Purpose:


The RSE Outreach project is focused on designing hardware and software to support challenging experiences for middle school, high school, and Michigan Tech students. Ford also approached us to work together for the beginning half of the semester to have a Controlathon programming competition event.


Project Objectives:


The point of the project is to develop engineering and robotics activities to accommodate various skill levels. We are working to help with Michigan Tech’s new big push for a robotics program. Students will receive a list of tasks and constraints to complete a series of challenges.


Host an event with sponsorship from Ford. During the Conrolathon, Michigan Tech students will develop code to run the Zumo robots through a series of challenges, while following coding standards.


Develop instructions for Hackbot and Zumo robot activities, and rewrite and organize code, equipment, and materials to be conveyed at an understandable yet challenging level to middle school, high school, and college students.


Update and maintain our tools and equipment. Construct a cost-conscious method to easily protect and store various forms of demonstration materials belonging to groups in the Michigan Tech Electrical and Computer Engineering Department for easy off-site transportation.