Outreach spring 2017

Department Director:

Project Managers:

Project Engineers:

Background and Purpose:


The RSE Outreach project is focused on designing hardware and software to support challenging experiences for middle school, high school, and Michigan Tech students. The Outreach team is also aiding with preparations for the Winter Wonder Hack collaborative event being organized by students in IEEE, ACM, and others.


Problems/Oppurtunity Statment:


The point of the project is to develop engineering and robotics activities to accommodate various skill levels. We are working to help with Michigan Tech’s new big push for a robotics program. Students will receive a list of tasks and constraints to complete a series of challenges.


Project Significance

We need our next generation of engineers, technicians, scientists, etc. By getting students involved in robotics and engineering, we are starting kids on future career paths. With robotics and engineering being such a huge part of our world today, we need to be able to meet the demand for technical jobs.

Anticipated Outcomes of the Student Team

Robotic demonstrations for local school districts-

Travel to local middle and high schools (or have them visit campus), to talk about STEM, specifically robotics, and how important and fun these opportunities are. Demonstrate how the hackbots and zumo robots operate with added activities for the students to achieve.

Winter Wonderhack-

Handle all advertising and public relations efforts (e.g. flyers and social media) for the event. Collaboratively work with other students as organizers for the event (including recruitment of event sponsors and event planning).

Develop instructions for Hackbot and Zumo robot activities-

Rewrite and organize code, equipment, and materials to be conveyed at an understandable yet challenging level to middle school, high school, and college students.


Key Functional Requirements of the Material, Product, Process, or System

Hackbots/Zumos – Need to have the ability to be programmed by multiple competencies of computer science. Challenge, within reason, each participating group.

Engineering Kits – (Potential) Allow student to practice an engineering skill (soldering, programming, etc.) and have the potential to be profitable.

Special Notes

Being that we are the Outreach project, we are all about recruiting students to pursue degrees in engineering and robotics. Project Engineers will be utilizing cross-disciplinary engineering skill sets to develop stimulating activities. Nathaniel Shapiro is making an effort to run the Winter Wonderhack event. This project has an amazing potential for recruitment and representing our enterprise along with campus.

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