Submersible Fall 2016

Project Leader:

Project Engineers:

Background and Purpose:


The Submersible project began in the Fall of 2014 as a Robotics Systems internal project. The goal was to create a modular vehicle that could travel to the bottom of Torch Lake, which has a depth of 300ft, to take soil samples. In the previous semesters the sub was able to sink and float in an end-of-semester test. This semester’s plans are to correct the flaws from the previous semesters so that the sub is fully functional and ready for on demand tests with sponsors. In addition an onboard battery, a GUI, and possibly more sensors will be added.


Project Objectives:


The goal of this project is to continue to develop the RSE submersible that began as a project in fall 2015. The current state of the project is that from the previous year’s work a sub exists, but it has problems, such as leaks, corroding components, and temporary parts that were used for testing and do not meet required specifications. These problems will be fixed and additional functionality will be added.




Week 6: Create new watertight box to house battery and fix leaks



Reposition motors for better stability


Metal Ballast Tanks


Find an on-board battery source and create a system that is interchangeable with the power source that is already in possession


Remake circuit boards to be non-copper


Create GUI for controlling Sub


Integrated Sensors with programming


Add a camera to the sub and integrate with the GUI