Submersible Spring 2016

Project Leader:

Project Engineers:

Background and Purpose:
The Robotic Systems Enterprise Submersible team is tasked with the goal of creating and testing a submersible robot capable of reaching a depth of at least one hundred fifty feet. The robotic vehicle will have the future ability to take soil samples and collect various amounts of scientific data underwater. The submersible robot will be mainly marketed toward public and private researchers and scientists for the use of collecting pollution and soil samples in a freshwater system. The prototype will be developed to explore the Great Lakes and surrounding bodies of water, such as, Torch Lake. Last semester’s team completed research and the current team plans to expand on that research to develop a prototype. There will be many challenges associated with working in an underwater environment. These include pressure considerations, as well as, electrical concerns. In addition, the craft will have to be controlled and operated out of sight of the user.

Submersible team will build on the research of a past project; redesigning as necessary towards the goal of building a working prototype. The robot will be able to propel itself and maneuver within a test environment. The choice of the materials will be determined after researching the different materials available to use. It will be powered and controlled via an umbilical cable system. The submersible will be operated by a controller that has yet to be determined. The design will include multiple ballast tanks to control depth and elevation. Testing will include lab testing and if time permits, field testing.


This project will have five main milestones. The first is the physical design which will be completed by the end of the eighth week, this includes printing a 3D miniature. The second milestone is hardware selection, which involves picking the correct electrical and mechanical components for the project. This will be completed by the end of the tenth week. The third milestone is construction of the working model, and the development of the software, this will be completed by the twelfth week. The fourth milestone will be testing, this testing will primarily occur in the lab and will be finished by the thirteen week. This leaves one week to finish the final milestone, which is the report.