Submersible Spring 2017

Project Leader:

Hardware lead:

Mechanical lead:

Mechanical  Engineers:

Software Lead:

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Background and Purpose:


The Submersible project began in the Fall of 2015 as a Robotics Systems internal project. The goal was to create a modular vehicle that could travel to the bottom of Torch Lake, which has a depth of 120ft, to take soil samples. In the previous semesters the sub was able to sink and float in an end-of-semester test.


Project Objectives:

The goal of this project is to continue to develop the RSE submersible that began as a project in fall 2015. The current state of the project is that from the previous 2 year’s work a sub exists, but there are some addtions that need to be add. We are planning on adding: Joystick contol, sensors(including a water temperture sensors), external power connector, and soil sampler, on board power, Fix leaks, Mechanism, gui. we also plan to make a algorithm to stay in one place by way of sensors