Zamboni Project

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To create a conceptual design for an automated Zamboni to clean and resurface Techs broomball rinks more quickly and cheaply than by hand.
Broomball is a popular winter sport at Tech. Currently, to remove snow from the rinks, someone must shovel them off by hand. This is a costly and labor intensive process. It takes a person about 2 hours to shovel off a rink, of which there are three. No one wants to spend that much time out in the cold shoveling. To resurface the rinks, a person simply sprays water on them using a hose to attempt to keep the ice smooth. The idea behind this project is to design an automated Zamboni to reduce the time and money spent preparing the broomball rinks for games.
Specifically, the team is aiming for their design to take 20-30 minutes to remove up to 6 inches of snow accumulation and resurface the ice all at once. The unit should be able to do this without needing to be refueled or recharged. A decision has not been made yet as to what kind of motor should be used. The Zamboni should also be self controlled, or controlled by remote.
A proposed idea is to install an automation system on a snow blower unit to remove snow, and then construct a resurfacing device to attach behind it. The resurfacing device would melt the surface of the ice already on the rink and redistribute it more evenly so the ice will refreeze smoother. The team is currently in the process of modeling their design in UGNX.
By the end of this semester, the team hopes to have a design ready to start building for the fall semester. This includes having a finished simulation, 3D design in UGNX, clear sketches of any electric systems used, fully functioning control codes, and a final estimated cost.

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