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We are the Robotic Systems Enterprise at Michigan Tech: an industry-driven enterprise that focuses on seamlessly integrating exceptional knowledge in electronics, robotics, and programming to solve real world engineering problems.  From designing a vision system for work with a robotic arm, to an automatic power management system for weather buoys, our many projects come in all shapes and sizes.

AutoDrive II

The AutoDrive II Challenge is a continuation of the original AutoDrive competition sponsored by SAE and General Motors to develop and demonstrate an SAE Level 4 autonomous driving passenger vehicle.

At MTU we split the competition goals between several teams that create a solution for their specific goal, which we then bring together and peer-review to create a unique autonomous vehicle!

GVSC Leader-Follower

“Leader-Follower” is a US Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC) sponsored project with the goal to create an autonomous convoy using Clearpath Jackal robots both in simulation and in the real world. Leader-Follower is in its final iteration following design changes from last semester.

Aurora Minor

Aurora Minor is the introductory project to get new members acquainted with our enterprise. With innovation as our primary focus for this project, members are encouraged to be creative in solving problems utilizing Zumos and other types of robots.

T-Shirt Cannon

T-Shirt Cannon robot is a recently-resurrected project with the goal of creating a drivable robot that is able to shoot t-shirts into the crowd at home sporting events.

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